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How to Deal with a Taurus Partner’s Stubbornness

Perhaps the most recognizable trait in a Taurus is stubbornness — it is represented as the bull after all. Being in a relationship with a stubborn Taurus presents challenges, particularly dealing with confrontation, change and planning for the future. Understanding where the stubborn Taurus is coming from and altering your approach to these topics can make it easier to tackle and make for a happy, effective relationship.

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What Your Horoscope Has to Say About Your Health

Horoscopes can be applied to your health and well-being. Before you put too much or too little stock in what your zodiac says about your health outlook, take a look at why these connections exist. Is it all in the stars or is there a medical basis as well?

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Magnetic Attraction – Sister Sign Edition

The fine line between hate and love really grows thinner when you find yourself attracted to your sister sign. Sister signs in the zodiac are known as polar opposites in element and traits. While you may find yourself irresistibly attracted to your opposite self, you might just wonder why sometimes you just can’t stand them.

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