5 Ways to Impress Your Boss

A Positive Impression | Bell Favakeh

So, after several months of searching for a job, going to interviews, and possibly getting a few rejections, you finally land the position you want. You are super excited, and you can’t wait to get in there, get started, and show your manager that they have made the right selection by hiring you. Here are few tips that will get you noticed and hopefully in line for a promotion.

1. Get to work early.                                                                                                                 

Ever heard of the term “early is on time, on time is late, and late is unacceptable?” Well, employers really do expect their workers to arrive a few minutes early. Most employers will tell you that you have several minutes after the start of your shift to arrive before you are considered late. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s okay for you to get to work at 9:05 every morning. In fact, you should aim to be there at least ten minutes early. This shows your boss that you mean business, that you are dedicated to the job, and that you don’t mind being there. They may not come right out and tell you that they notice, but know that employers are always watching their employees. Since you are being watched, give them something positive to see. 

2. Go above and beyond.                                                                                                             

It really doesn’t matter what position you now hold. Always do your best and then some. For example, if you are a receptionist whose job it is to deliver the mail to everyone, go above and beyond by distributing the mail as quickly as possible. Also, going above and beyond means having a good attitude about things. Getting the job done is one thing- but showing that you don’t mind doing it is another. 

3. Work quickly.

I recently came across a YouTube video titled “7 Things Millionaires Do.” One of the bullet points that really stuck out to me was when they advised to work quickly. Employers look for people who will bring value to the company. You bring value by producing quality work in large quantities in a short period of time. If you want to stand out at your company, master all of your duties and produce results at lightning speed.                                           

4. Always be available to pick up extra work.                                                                         

After you have completed all of your work with laser speed and precision, more than likely, you will have some down time. Although most people might use that down time to chat or to surf the web (depending on the leniency of your company), since you are looking to get ahead, take this time to volunteer. Ask your coworkers if they need help with anything. If they say no, don’t be afraid to contact your supervisor and let them know that you have time to pick up an extra project. You may be tired by the end of the day, but rest assured knowing that your boss is taking notes, and is impressed. 

5. Whatever you do - don’t call out.

I have a friend that never calls out. I mean never. Although sometimes going in to work may be the last thing you want to do, always being there shows dedication. When you call out, it usually means that someone else will have to pick up your slack. This can cause the entire team’s process to slow down. You don’t want to be the person who gives the team extra weight to carry. Calling out often can also be interpreted as you being unreliable. An employer will never promote or give more responsibilities to a person that they can’t rely on.

These are just a few tips on how to get noticed at your job. In general, use common sense and always ask yourself if you are bringing value to the company. If not, try to incorporate some of the tips given, and even try to think up some of your own.