Entrepreneurship vs. Nine To Fives


Are you looking to make it on your own in the world of business or do you prefer the security and comfort of a standard schedule? Let’s dig into the pros and cons of each.

As someone who has worked a plethora of humdrum hourly jobs, there would be times when I was behind the bakery counter or building Lego towers with four year olds at the daycare and my mind would wander to the idea of having my own business and becoming my own boss. Then a customer would come in or one of the Lego towers would fall and I’d be brought right back into my nine to five reality.

Of course when my mind would entertain these entrepreneurial fantasies, they wouldn’t exceed much beyond putting an expensive purchase on the company card or being able to shower my employees with gifts and holiday bonuses before jet setting to a tropical island. Again, fantasies. Some days during the daily grind they are about all that sustain you.

I suppose I’ve never thought beyond the obvious perks of owning your own business because deep down, I don’t dislike the routine of having a steady job with steady hours and a steady paycheck. I’ve grown used to the system and have even found ways to advance and prove myself within it. Knowing that I had a check coming in at the end of each week, knowing that if I showed up and worked hard there was potential for me to move up in the ranks, was comforting. Especially given my nature to follow and not to lead.

That said, in some situations getting away from the 9-5 steadiness can be an exciting challenge, or a necessary one. If the company you’ve worked for faithfully comes under new ownership looking to cut costs, your job security may not be guaranteed. I’ve seen people transition from long term salaried positions into becoming their own bosses, sometimes later in life than one would expect.

While there are rewards to be reaped, such as the ability to dive into your passions and become a creative, innovative leader, going through a lengthy period of trying to finance, legalize, and finalize your new venture can be grueling. Having witnessed the process a few years back when my father was looking to purchase a small business franchise, it does take a financial and personal toll. That said, if you were to ask my dad if he had to do over, what he would do differently, he’d respond with “I wish I’d taken the plunge sooner.”

While taking the plunge in most any aspect of life can be scary, sometimes the reward can outweigh the risk. But that’s not to say there can’t be reward to be found in a little 9-5 action, either.