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Listen to This | Jacqueline Beckvermit

Listen to This | Jacqueline Beckvermit

Are you looking to start a business one day? Or simply trying to get into a specific company? If you answered yes, you might wanna stick around for this article. Having a mentor is as essential as having an internship in pursuing your dream job. The purpose of having a mentor is all about learning, working hard to prove yourself, improving your craft, and ultimately having a better chance of getting THE JOB within the industry you are pursuing! To have a mentor means having someone to seek guidance from and having an anchor. If you’re anything like me, there are many reasons why you just may need one. If you’re having a hard time adjusting to your new career, whether in the corporate world or in the creative field, having someone in your corner is one sure way of staying motivated while progressing. Mentors provide counsel and help extend your own personal vision. They automatically relate to your path while providing much-needed resources and encouragement.

Finding a mentor usually comes through networking: that’s KEY! Attending events and programs related to your field increases the chances of finding someone. In this day and age, it’s all about who you know as opposed to what you can do. Aside from social appearances, there are many nonprofits and organizations that assist with directing you to the right mentor designed for you.

Another great part is you don’t have to be in school or have an internship to have a mentor anymore. With plenty of different programs available, having a mentor is no longer limited. There are many benefits to having a mentor! The skills you undoubtedly learn last a lifetime and build character. They sharpen your interpersonal and communication skills and teach you about management while building up the confidence you'll need to find success in anything you do. The relationship you build with your mentor is one that has the potential to go beyond professional and may start a lifelong friendship.

Now, finding a mentor does not guarantee success: you do that. But, having a mentor does guarantee more knowledge and lifelong lessons. Having your own personal compass for getting through this maze called adult life is a like an all-inclusive vacation. Take advantage! I've dropped some gems below if you want to learn more about mentoring, finding one, or even becoming one.


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