Journey Series: Victoria


The Femme Oasis: How do you identify yourself (gender and gender performance)?

Victoria: Female with 'she' or 'her' pronouns.

TFO: What is your current occupation?

V: Assistant Curriculum Developer.

TFO: What do you do as a hobby?

V: Since I was 7 years old I’ve been obsessed with fashion and styling myself and others. When I was a little girl I used to cut up my mother’s fur coats and make miniature fur jackets for my Barbie dolls. As I got older, my love for fashion grew stronger and I worked as a buyer at a consignment store for 2 years. For me, Fashion is a way to express myself and to create something. It’s been a part of me since I could remember and I can’t imagine life without trying to dress to impress.

TFO: What are some organizations you’re involved in?

V: Currently none, I recently moved to New Jersey for work, so I’m still getting adjusted to my new lifestyle.

TFO: What is your dream job?

V: I would love to work for the United States Department of Education or Design Curriculum for Brown and Black kids in Middle schools. 

TFO: What are the three major stressors in your life?

V: Understanding my purpose in life. Being financially stable. Feeling like time is against me in terms of my career and where I would like to be by 30.

TFO: How do you cope with your stresses (if at all)?

V: I like to pray about my stressors or problems, most of the things that worry me are out of my control.

TFO: Do you have goals you set for your life overall?

V: I actually do! So currently I’m on a 5-year plan. I would tell you but I’m little bit superstitious about things like that. But I can say that I am on track in regards to my 5-year plan. 

TFO: What is your process in achieving these goals?

V: Looking for areas of growth and improvement. The best way to elevate and achieving my goals is understanding the regression in order to be great.

TFO: What is your daily mantra (if you have one)?

V: “You have a Purpose." "You are Great, Use Your Strength to See the Light, to Get You Through it”

TFO: Are you happy where you are in life?

V: Yes, very much so. I really feel like where I am in life right now feels right and I wake up happy knowing that I’m working closer to my goals and elevating myself in my career.

TFO: Are you on a path you feel is right for you?

V: Yes, everything seems right. I moved away from home for the first time, while everyone doubted me. I’m working in education right after college, and I can’t be anything but grateful and happy.

TFO: Do you feel confused or pressure to figure out if you are on the right path?

V: Sometimes I do question if I’m on the right path, but as of lately I’ve just been wanting to pray and leave it up to God.

TFO: Do you feel you can alleviate hindrances or do you feel they are bigger than you?

V: Trusting the process and looking different pathways.

TFO: What are some pressures of society you wish didn’t exist?

V: Having life figured out in your twenties and the seriousness of having life figured out by your early 30s.

TFO: What would be one thing you don’t have but you want at this very moment (it can be tangible or intangible)?

V: Having all of my immediate family members in the same state. I have 9 siblings and everyone we all live in different states. Which is very difficult when you’re family is your backbone and you can’t physically hug and kiss them.

TFO: What do you do for self-care (if anything)?

V: Listening to The Friend Zone Podcast music that feeds my soul and gives me positive energy.

TFO: What is something you do well that you can offer society?

V: Just being a listener and providing genuine advice because we all need it.

TFO: Where can we find you (social media, email, organization etc.)?

V: Instgram: Victoriaalexandria_, Twitter:Victorian__, Email: