Journey Series: Fatimah


The Femme Oasis: How do you identify yourself (gender and gender performance)?

Fatimah: I am a female.

TFO: What is your current occupation?

F: Full-time student at the University of Illinois.

TFO: What do you do as a hobby?

F: I recently got into journaling, and I am hooked on lifestyle YouTube videos.

TFO: What are some organizations you’re involved in?

F: I am Co-Founder and President of Her Essence, which is a woman’s empowerment organization geared towards helping our members grow personally and professionally. I am also External Vice President for the National Association of Black Accountants.

TFO: What is your dream job?

F: My dream job is to be a portfolio manager for high net worth clients. Basically, I want to manage money for the super rich and be in charge of how they choose to invest their money.

TFO: What are the three major stressors in your life?

F: Managing relationships, insecurities, and staying organized.

TFO: How do you cope with your stresses (if at all)?

F: Honestly, God and journaling. I don’t think I would have been sane without discovering both of those things.

TFO: Do you have goals you set for your life overall?

F: I want to live a carefree life. I want to be happy in my career, I want to be surrounded by genuine people, and I want to be able to have inspired people through the journey I’ve taken.

TFO: What is your process in achieving these goals?

F:  It’s hard to say what the process is when I don’t know exactly where I am going. I am still young and figuring it out. Every day I learn something new, and the only way to do that is through being involved, not being afraid to get out of my comfort zone every once in awhile, and building networks with people who are on a path I want to be on.

TFO: What is your daily mantra (if you have one)?

F: If I don’t decide to hit the snooze button, which it’s very rare–I don’t. I will wake up and do a thought dump in my journal. After that, I will do homework that I was too tired to finish last night and then shower. Showering is either a live concert featuring Future to Erykah Badu, or I listen to a sermon from my favorite pastor, Steven Furtick. After that, I’ll get dressed and start a crazy day.

TFO: Are you happy where you are in life?

F: It’s actually crazy to say that I am happy in life right now because there was a point where I wasn’t. I think that the people I surround myself with are one of the biggest factors to my happiness. I used to think that if I just continue making big accomplishments, I will be happy because I will prove my worth through my successes. Ultimately, it’s the support, motivation and care I receive from the people closest to me that makes me the happiest.

TFO: Are you on a path you feel is right for you?

F: I do feel that the path I am on is right for me. I don’t think that any other path would be the path for me. I had a friend once tell me, “what is for you is for you, and what is not isn’t for you.” That really has resonated with me ever since because now what comes into my life, good or bad, I know that there is a purpose behind it, whether it be a lesson or a blessing.

TFO: Do you feel confused or pressure to figure out if you are on the right path?

F: I used to feel this confusion or pressure because I don’t like making the wrong choices or saying the wrong things. I probably used to be the biggest over-thinker of EVERYTHING. Since I have been trying to let go of my need for perfection and instead I just let things just happen as they are meant to.

TFO: What are some pressures of society you wish didn’t exist?

F: I wish society didn’t make it feel like everything we do is being judged. People these days have something to say about everything and everybody rather than being focused on themselves.

TFO: What would be one thing you don’t have, but you want at this very moment (it can be tangible or intangible)?

F: Right now, I want a four piece dinner from Harold’s.

TFO: What do you do for self-care (if anything)?

F: I am a strong believer of treat-yo-self days. If I ever am just so stressed, I will literally treat myself to things I know I can’t afford because I am a broke college student [laughs]. Maybe it is an excuse to spend money, but it makes me feel good at the end of the day!

TFO: What is something you do well that you can offer society?

F: I am not perfect, and I have gone through my fair share of battles, so what I want to do for society is motivate and inspire them through my experiences. I think everyone can do great things if they want to and put their efforts towards it. I just want to be able to help those who need guidance.

TFO: Do you have goods or services you want to sell or promote to your fellow femmes and women?

F: Check out my Travel Vlog on YouTube as I study abroad In Milan, Italy next semester. I will be documenting my journey! I want this to be fun and interesting for everyone, so if there is anything you want to see, please let me know, and I will try to do it.

TFO: Where can we find you (social media, email, organization, etc.)?

F: YouTube: Simply Timah, Instagram: simplytimah, Twitter: fatttieee_, Snapchat: fatttieee_