Ho* Friends

In all of our friend circles, we all have that 'hoe' friend. In the show Girlfriends, it was Lynn. In Sex and the City, it was Samatha. That carefree friend who is comfortable in their sexuality and doesn't hide it, or in society’s lens the 'hoe' friend. I don't use the word “hoe” in a degrading or shameful way but reclaiming it for all the self-proclaimed 'hoes' who do not want to shrink and hide themselves and their sexuality. So this one is dedicated to the 'hoe' friends and why they make the best friends.

They are understanding.

'Hoes' know how it feels to be judged, talked about, rejected and excluded by society. If you’re ever feeling this way, they understand what you’re going through and aren’t judgmental about it. Seeing how they have been ridiculed themselves, they would never want to do the same to others especially not to the ones they love.

'Hoes' just want to have fun!

The carefreeness of 'hoes' means they are always open to having fun (and not just talking sexually), living life as they want! That energy makes for a beautiful friend, someone there to encourage you to enjoy as much life as you can unapologetically.

Being in touch with their sexuality.

'Hoes' are usually referred to as such because of their sexual freedom. Having a friend that can help you on your journey to sexual freedom or if you’re already there, someone who you is there to support you. Sexual freedom comes with a lot of backlash from society and having someone there who understands and has your back is very important. 

Open minds.

'Hoes' are open and daring! Open to try things and do it without judgment! Maybe all your other friends shy away from something you want to do but try asking your 'hoe' friends! Someone who doesn’t turn down a challenge. Want to try something new sexually? Or have a kink or fetish you are afraid to discuss, telling that friend about it would be a judgment-free zone where you won’t get those disagreeing looks.

Witty and quick on their feet.

They are who you call when you’re in a situation you may need help quickly or in a position where you need help with a decision. Their street smart disposition is usually what they are called on for.
The talks.

I think the notation that 'hoes' do not have anything to offer but sex is laughable. Yes, they are sexually free, but that is not all they are. 'Hoes' are complex and have experiences and wisdom that should be shared. They have lessons to teach the world and bold opinions. One second the conversation could be about anal sex and the next about systematic oppression.

'Hoes' are shamed and ridiculed daily by society so let me just remind you, they are HUMAN. They deserve respect, human decency and to be celebrated even if you disagree with their “lifestyle.” This holiday season take a second to thank your 'hoe' friend who stands by you all year-round and encourages you to live life as your best self and if you're the 'hoe' friend, let me tell you that you're appreciated and don't let anyone take your freedom.