Intro to Sugaring Relationships


When it comes to relationships in 2018, we have broadened our options. There are various ways to be with a person, and various ways to find them. One scenario that has become increasingly popular through the years is referred to as a “sugaring relationship.” A sugaring relationship generally consists of a younger person, or “Sugar Baby” providing an older and wealthier person, or “Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy” with good company in exchange for some form of gift. There are several websites dedicated to this lifestyle, one of the most popular being, where you can receive “mentorship and quality companionship.” You can judge if you want, but the sugar life can be quite sweet.

Let’s start off by addressing a couple of misconceptions about sugaring. While sugaring is most commonly seen as a heterosexual relationship, with an older man and younger woman, this is not the only form that exists. There are, in fact, Male Sugar Babies, Sugar Mommies, and LGBT dating within the sugar community. Many people believe that you must look, dress, and act a certain way in order to qualify as a Sugar Baby. While most websites offering sugaring relationships do encourage you to be clean and presentable for your date, there is no cookie-cutter rule sheet. In fact, it is encouraged that you be yourself. This way, you can attract genuine connections.


Many have considered sugaring as a form of sex-work. This is false. While sex-work is an ethical and dignified way to make money, it is not legal everywhere. Sugaring is completely legal. There are no transactions made for sex, sex is not a requirement. Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of pervy men on sugaring websites that make it clear they are after something purely sexual. However, sugaring is about finding a relationship that fits your needs and expectations, socially and financially. If you end up in a sugaring relationship, and feel comfortable enough to have sex, that is your business.

Lastly, some have referred to sugaring as anti-feminist, or patriarchal. Many Sugar Babies have been accused of reducing themselves to eye-candy, or not respecting themselves. These are your typical, old-fashioned stereotypes. Sugaring can be freeing, because the point is you call the shots, you set your standards and your boundaries. Many Sugar Babies describe it as liberating, or empowering. It is an experience that teaches you when to say “No,” when to ask for more, and what you really want.


If you are interested in the sugaring world, there a few things to keep in mind while you’re getting started. First things first, know your risks. As mentioned previously, sugaring relationships are mainly found online, and with any type of online dating their are risks. Websites like Seeking Arrangements try to minimize this by charging Sugar Daddy/Mommies almost $50 a month to simply use the website. Avoid the salty scammers; pay attention to language, and always make sure you’re comfortable before meeting. Don’t be afraid to ask your potential Sugar Daddy/Sugar Mommy to call you before your date. Be honest with yourself and with others about what you want, and what you don’t want. This makes everything go much smoother, and enhances your chances of a good match!

The point is, sugaring is supposed to be light and fun. It isn’t for everybody, but if you’re feeling curious and willing to keep an open-mind, there may be some nice benefits to discover in the sweet life.