Lingerie: Celebrate Your Body



This word strikes everyone differently; nervousness, excitement, sexiness, insecurities, goals, or maybe just the thought of plain undergarments come to mind. It is true that lingerie makes each person feel differently. If you feel nervous or insecure about it, that is fine and normal. A Lot of us feel like our bodies have to look a certain way in order to wear lingerie, or we are still working to love our bodies and need help taking that big step to wear lingerie. I am here to tell you: do not be afraid to! You don't have to wear lingerie just to look sexy for other people but you absolutely can if you want to! You can wear lingerie just to help you feel sexy or beautiful and to build confidence. I’m plus size and for the longest time I felt that I wasn’t allowed to feel sexy nor was I “built” to wear lingerie. The first time I ever bought lingerie it was at the store Torrid. I put on that lace bra and panties and felt powerful, feminine, and for the first time ever, I felt sexy. I felt it and I believed it. It was a big step for me to show my lover my lingerie. Since then, I wear it on days that I don't feel too sexy or when I need that sexual spark. But for whatever reason you wear it is a celebration of your body and you deserve it! If you don't know where to begin when shopping for lingerie, I’ll give you a few small tips to start you off. I will also give you a list of online lingerie stores that are inexpensive and sell plus sizes!

Take a friend.

Sometimes you need someone there to give you a push or a honest opinion. Make it fun! You can even make it sexier by taking your lover and both selecting items for you to try.

Online stores.

If you are a little nervous to go to the store, the world wide web is your friend. Take advantage. The only drawback about shopping online is that you aren't able to try things on and feel certain fabrics.

Baby steps.

You don't have to go full-on burlesque if you don't want to. Take little steps! A teddy here, a lace bra there. There's no rush and comfort is key.

Ask for help!

If you go to a store don't be afraid to ask employees for help! They are there to help you. If you need recommendations or help with measurements ASK!


Your biggest downfall will be comparing you body to others peoples’ bodies. Your body is yours, it is beautiful, it is unique, and it should be cherished. You might not look like the ideal standard of beauty but that standard was created to make you feel less than. Don’t let these things stop you from loving yourself.


Get pieces that highlight the parts of your body that you love! Like I said, it's a celebration of your body! So whatever you like; bolden!

Here are a list of inexpensive lingerie sites that also sell plus sizes!