New Year, No More Old Habits

new year.JPG

A new year means new sexual adventures, new lovers and more orgasms, but before we have a hoe of a year there are a few sexual bad habits that need to be left in 2017. Breaking these habits will help you become a better lover, a healthier lover, and help you speak up for yourself sexually and become more vocal about your pleasure.

Not asking for what you want sexually.

You deserve pleasure,so stop putting your pleasure on the back burner. Speak up for what you want. Talk to your lover about likes, dislikes, limits, kinks,etc. Conversations like these are important and healthy.

Being ashamed of your body hair.

No, you don't have to be waxed,shaved, trimmed, or naired bald in order to have sex. I used to be one of these people who would shave my whole body before a dick appointment and let me be the first to tell you it's just not necessary. And if your lover has a problem with your body hair leave them in 2017 just like these habits.

Having sex at the same time of day.

Switch it up. Yes, I get that you're busy and only may have free time at certain times of the day but once in awhile try masturbating and having sex at different periods of the day.

Not reassuring your partner.

People want to hear how they pleased you! Don't forget to tell them what you liked and disliked. It doesn't have to be a movie review but a simple, “I really liked when you... ” can go a long way.

Not masturbating.

Solo sex is so important! And it's the safest sex you can have. It helps to learn about your body and how to please yourself. If you don't masturbate then start, and if you do, masturbate more.

Not telling your partner you don't like certain things.

I know it can be hard to speak up because you may not want to hurt your lover’s feelings but remember your pleasure is important too. Telling them that you want to spend more time on foreplay or you didn't like a certain position won't hurt their feelings.

Faking orgasms.

Now listen, this won't help you nor will it help your lover. Stop faking orgasms to coddle their feelings or to even get horrible sex over with. Communicate, take charge of your pleasure. You shouldn't have to fake it. Seriously, leave that shit in 2017.

Bringing afraid to ask your lover to get tested.

It can be an uncomfortable conversation for some people but this is about health and safety. Anyone who is upset or offended about you asking shouldn't be someone you sleep with. But also remember that STI isn't something shameful or something that should be stigmatized. Health is more important here so get tested, get treated, and protected.

Always doing the same positions.

We all have our favorite positions but don't let your love for those stop you from trying new things. It's a new year so mix it up. You can even do your favorite positions but in different variations. Try making a list of sex positions you want to try this new year.

Not cleaning your sex toys.

Yes, I know it doesn't sound very important but it is. It's important for your health to upkeep your toys’ upkeep and hygiene. Toys are tools and should be treated as such. Each one need to be cleaned differently so make sure when you buy them you find out how to keep them clean.