The Pressures of Having the “Perfect Body”

Women’s bodies have been the subject of constant scrutinizing commentary when it comes down to having the “perfect body.” But, what is perfect? And an even better question: What is a ‘perfect body?’ With access to social media platforms, women are inadvertent, if not directly, body-shamed every day because their body does not meet the societal standards and definition of perfection. It’s ironic that women are constantly targeted for being who they are and how they look. Even when women meet the standards of beauty or augment their bodies to meet the standard, they are deemed unrealistic. The many messages surrounding the debate between body-shaming versus glorifying surgical enhancements has blown up the internet in many varying forms. Some may think body-shaming is simply stating the obvious–whether someone appears ‘too skinny’ or ‘too fat.’ On the contrary, the issue goes far beyond the physicality.

Body-shaming can involve anything from physical appearance to someone simply pointing out that a particular outfit does not “look right” or, coincide with, that person’s body-type. Whether you agree with me or not, body-shaming can include: comparing someone’s body to someone else’s body, stating that “certain people should never wear certain clothing because of their body type”, pressures of getting one’s ‘old body back’ or ‘pre-baby body back’, any sort of plastic surgery suggestions, whether it involves enhancing, transferring, or reducing, and more.


Instead of normalizing a particular body-type for women, we should encourage healthy eating and living. I mean, let’s really think about it. Every single time we all access our social media accounts, the very first thing we may see is a ‘beautiful woman with enhanced curves, a flat stomach, and a tiny waist.’ Who’s to say that is really how every woman walking this earth should look? Realistically speaking, and this is for the fellas, women come in all different shapes and sizes, regardless of what people want to see. Every woman won’t have a huge butt or the biggest, yet perfectly-shaped boobs. Every woman won’t have a flat stomach or even four pack. Every woman can’t afford every lavish-looking piece of clothing. These are facts. Encouraging a healthy lifestyle versus telling a woman how she ‘should’ look seems logical right? Think about this: what if someone repeatedly compared your mom’s body to a celebrity’s surgically enhanced body? Now, this doesn’t go to say that women who choose surgery are wrong; it is more so wrong to encourage a society where technology is increasingly advancing that having a more enhanced body is ‘better’ or ‘sexier’ than a natural one.

Whether you’re a size 12 or a size 5, love your bodies ladies! Don’t believe the hype! If you feel as though you’re unhappy with the way you look, try and make changes the natural way! Healthy eating and some exercise can be your start to a new journey. Know that you’re beautiful, regardless!