Best Albums of 2018 (so far)

Untitled | Shanelle Jacobs

In only three months, 2018 will be over. From Olympic Games to political change, this year has been a wild one. However, we were also blessed with great bops from our favorite artists. Let’s talk about the best ones thus far.

By making mental health a topic of discussion, this album not only provides some catchy tunes but also opens up conversations.

Kid Cudi: Kids See Ghosts, June 2018

Kid Cudi has teamed up with Kanye West to deliver an album full of sentiment, regarding man’s creative inability to reach all that is beautiful. Both artists have publicly discussed their depressive states and how they used their pain to create the music in this album. By making mental health a topic of discussion, this album not only provides some catchy tunes but also opens up conversations.

The Weeknd: My Dear Melancholy, March 2018

Abel Tesfaye’s mini album discusses heartbreak (cough, cough, Selena Gomez) and the overall adventure of that has been his life. By putting his own, raw emotions on display, Tesfaye demonstrates how they have impacted his journey as an artist -- and, we, as listeners, feel it all.

Our favorite rapper/Instagram personality, Cardi B

Cardi B: Invasion of Privacy, April 2018

Our favorite rapper/Instagram personality Cardi B came out strong, with an album to start the early summer turn up. At least one of her songs, most likely, “Bodak Yellow”, left everyone eager to party with family and friends.

J Cole: KOD, April 2018

Politically “woke,” J Cole raps about the industry’s moral compass and how new and heavily drugged rappers are being sucked into its vicious cycle. J Cole is one of the few artists who cares little about radio air-time, and instead, focuses on a pure, moral message about the dangers of drugs.

Ariana Grande: Sweetener, August 2018

Pop Queen Ariana Grande showcases her vocal strength in Sweetener. Dedicating her songs to the victims of the Manchester Bombing and her fiance, Pete Davidson, she decides to take a new, creative approach to her music by straying from traditional pop, in favor of a more electronic sound.

Travis Scott is a chameleon in the ever-changing rap game.

Travis Scott: AstroWorld, August 2018

Travis Scott’s banger-filled new album came full-throttle, using odd transitions and creating an all-around psychedelic experience for his listeners. Each odd turn gives the songs creative fluidity, proving Scott a chameleon in the ever-changing rap game.

Nicki Minaj: Queen, August 2018

The queen of hip-hop’s new album came for blood. Throughout the album, she uses bold and aggressive tones to finally address situations/experiences and her problems with the music industry. As always, her music symbolizes the power of femininity in a industry catered to men.