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Please Stop the Music: Rihanna Sends Cease and Desist to Trump

Rihanna, singer of bangin’ hits such as “Umbrella” and “S&M” (to name just a few), has told Trump to STFU when it comes to her music. Homegirl has backed up her words with action and the POTUS is now no longer able to play her music at his rallies. Even more artists should do the same.

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The Walmart Yodel Kid Is Doing Better Than All of Us

Mason Ramsey, AKA the Walmart Yodel Kid, AKA Better-Than-You, has been gaining momentum ever since he went viral on March 24, 2018. Taking the stage (well, the tile floor) at his local Walmart in Harrisburg, IL, Ramsey belted out a lovely rendition of ‘Lovesick Blues’ and instantly became internet famous, causing a tweet storm on Twitter and winning the hearts of people everywhere.

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Mariah Carey – Let’s Continue to Encourage Each Other on Our Journeys

Mariah Carey – The person behind the fame. Here, we get a glimpse into the personal life of one of  music’s biggest super stars. Continuing her battle with Bipolar II Disorder, Mariah Carey opens up to her loyal fans, thanking and encouraging all to open the conversation of mental health.

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