If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive.

- Audre Lorde



The Femme Oasis is an inclusive online magazine dedicated to supplying women and femmes with educational, encouraging, and entertaining content and services for their personal growth. Women geared publications have traditionally marketed content to women around the belief that women are only real in relation to men. Here, at The Femme Oasis, we prioritize women and femmes as fully actualized humans on the strength of their existence alone. Just as an oasis provides vital water to its surrounding desert, The Femme Oasis provides vital resources through the shared stories of experiences of women and femmes by women and femmes.

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My body, my clothes and my makeup are on purpose, just as I am on purpose.

- Janet Mock


Who We Serve

When we use the word "women," we include all women-identified people, no matter their presentation, this includes women who do not identify as "femme." When we use the term "femme," we include all people who are feminine-of-center. In our use of the term "femme," we cover cisgender people, transgender people, and gender-non-conforming people who are feminine-of-center. Therefore, our definition includes men. The Femme Oasis does not conflate women and femmes; however this magazine is for all women and all femmes.


In a world where masculinity is respected and femininity is regularly dismissed, it takes an enormous amount of strength and confidence for any person, whether female or male-bodied, to embrace their feminine self.

- Julia Serano