How to Deal with a Taurus Partner’s Stubbornness

How to Deal with a Taurus Partner’s Stubbornness | Grace Bulabula

It’s no secret that stubbornness is a key trait in a Taurus. If you’re in a relationship with a Taurus, this quality can be a blessing and a curse.

Communication in any relationship is key, but with a Taurus, special steps are needed to communicate effectively. Their stubbornness may appear to be a combative quality, but it is actually rooted in a desire for comfort and sometimes a fear of change, according to Astro Library.

Fighting and other confrontations require some finesse. If Tauruses feels attacked or cornered they will dig in their heels. This doesn’t always mean that they’ll come out guns blazing during an argument. The stubbornness of a Taurus can manifest in several ways. Depending on the other emotional issues and personality traits he or she is facing, you could see an emotional shutdown, a need for distance, or an insistence that “everything is fine.”

Once you have a handle on the coping mechanism your Taurus possesses, you can learn the best way to compromise when dealing with a conflict or communication in general. Trying to maintain a level of comfort in and out of confrontations. Open and honest communication is important regardless of your sign, but if you maintain open communication channels and strategies, you’re less likely to have blow ups that make the stubborn Taurus come out in full swing.

It’s not all about dealing with the bad times though. A Taurus is fiercely loyal, according to Astro Library, and they value an equally dependable partner. Be sure to nurture this bond with a Taurus and clearly mark yourself as a support system.

If a Taurus genuinely feels supported by a partner has his or her best interest at heart, there’s less of a chance he or she will see a need to dig in out of self-protection. Fostering a sense of care and healthy vulnerability can help a Taurus feel safe and comfortable in the relationship.

Tauruses also possess a fear of change, according to Astro Library, which can contribute to a show of stubbornness. Being aware of this fear can be helpful when discussing the progressions that come with a committed relationship. If you’re one to move quickly in a relationship, being with a Taurus may be a challenge. Once Tauruses are comfortable, it can be difficult to get them to shift their mindset forward. While you shouldn’t sacrifice your goals and standards of a committed relationship, patience is important when it comes to discussing the future. It may not be easy for your Taurus to talk about the future explicitly, but rest assured, once he or she feels secure and comfortable with you as a long-term partner the progression of your relationship will naturally happen and those discussions will become easier.