Magnetic Attraction – Sister Sign Edition

Elementally Opposed | Kristen Kurlich

We’ve all heard opposites attract and that’s very much the case when it comes to sister signs in the zodiac. The polarities of two signs can either complement each other in harmony or cause some serious…tension. The fine line between hate and love really grows thinner when you find yourself attracted to your sister sign. Sister signs in the zodiac are known as polar opposites in element and traits. While you may find yourself irresistibly attracted to your opposite self, you might just wonder why sometimes you just can’t stand them.

Take note and see what your sister signs bring to the table for you!



The sign of creation, Aries, meets the sign of beauty, Libra. Fiery Aries is a leader of the people, ready to take action in a moments notice.  We love Aries for their bold action but we can’t help but question just how much thought and planning was put into their decision-making when things start to go haywire. On the other side of the spectrum, Libra takes their sweet time deciding whether they want to go left or right only to conclude that they never even considered to go straight ahead! Outspoken Aries wants Libra to stand up for themselves and stand firm in their decisions. Gentle Libra wants Aries to balance their temper and consider the feelings of those around them.



These two sister signs truly create a devotion potion! Both signs are equally passionate and territorial about things they love whether it’s their craft, lover, or home. With such passion – sometimes reaching the point of obsession - Taurus and Scorpio have a difficult time letting go. It doesn’t necessarily help that they are both fixed signs, making their nature nostalgic and reluctant to change. The phrase “ride or die” was coined just for these two. Comfortable Taurus is straightforward in their affection and love for you while Scorpio takes some time to feel comfortable enough to unleash this constrained passion. Scorpio is constantly undergoing transformation as they discover more and more about their depth. The bull-like nature of Taurus is a stable earth energy that remains stagnant in their habits.  



Knowledge is power, as these two would say! Gemini and Sagittarius are in search for adventure anywhere they can find it. Gemini branches out locally, using their chameleon-like nature to explore different cliques in the community. Sagittarius explores globally, fascinated by other cultures searching for their truth. While both signs hold a socialite, happy-go-lucky demeanor, their search for knowledge differs. Gemini loves to learn about everything humanly possible and acquire knowledge that allows them to connect with everyone. Sagittarius is fascinated by philosophies, religion, and doctrines that help them reach enlightenment. Gemini doesn’t mind saying a fib or two to come across as more interesting while Sagittarius appreciates blunt and sometimes harsh honesty.



The spectrum of emotion leaves no middle ground between these two! Sensual cancer loves diving deep into their emotions while focused Capricorn keeps those heavy emotions at bay while they build an empire. Cancer is the shoulder for you to cry on when you need someone, the friend that brings you soup on days where you have a cold, and the one that calls out anyone who mistreats you. Capricorn nurtures in a more practical way, guiding you with career advice, financial matters, or even providing unbiased truth when you need to hear it. These two want to provide the world for their loved ones but manifest it in very different ways.



These two are like day and night! Leo and Aquarius are born for the spotlight for their eccentric, larger-than-life personalities. Both signs are for the people but prefer receiving their praise under different lights. Leo loves praise for the self and wants to be a leader for the people. Aquarius is a servant of the people and focuses attention on issues that they care about and their mission. Loving Leo is all heart, welcoming everyone into their light and generously sharing the affection they love to receive. Aquarius struggles to show affection as they generally come across as aloof simply by nature as love is not top priority on their agenda. Leo provides the warmth that Aquarius needs while Aquarius offers Leo the fun of a lifetime!



A magical pairing these two! The healer of the zodiac Virgo meets mystical Pisces to create a match made in heaven. Virgos sometimes fickle and cold behavior is no match for Pisces’ all-encompassing selfless love. Virgos love feeling needed and Pisces need someone to bring them down to reality every once in a while. Virgo lives in the practical realm of responsibility and structure. Pisces is often lost in their daydream world feeding their constant need for comfort. These two bring both realities together to find a balance between our world and the next! As both are mutable signs, they have the tendency to stick to their illusive nature. Both signs are able to transform into your dreams…and even your worst nightmare when you least expect it.