Sigils In The Workplace

Cosmic Career | Utsah Pandey

Sigils are symbols that represent and manifest intentions. They are also one of the most popular and simplest spell casting forms—having a flexible and readily available material list. Because they aren’t extremely complex spells, they are mutable in purpose and easily applied to just about all situations of life. Sigils are also super painless to make, allowing room for creativity and adaptability during the creation process. Since sigils are versatile in appearance they can be tailored for placement in almost any location, which is particularly helpful to those who must hide their craft.

When designing a sigil people often use altered versions of letters, numbers, or shapes—but there's really no limit to symbols that can be used. Almost any symbol will work as long as you relate to it personally. If you find that you’re having difficulty developing an original sigil design you can search sigil references online. For examples, please check out Phoenix Gray's work, including "My Interview Stands Out" and "I Have Energy and Motivation".

Once you've designed your sigil you can reproduce it onto any surface—I often draw sigils on my skin or carve them into wood. It's also popular to draw them on paper, sew them into clothes, or even create them using emoji icons—as encouraged by online witch communities. After designing and creating your sigil you must charge and activate it. Many people charge their sigil by putting it in the sunlight, moonlight, or placing a charged crystal on it. Next, it’s important to activate the sigil for the manifestation process to begin. Some people activate sigils by burning them, snapping their fingers, or performing any other action that satisfies the feeling of finalization. As long as you maintain the desired intention, it's kinda difficult to mess the process up. If you’re worried about compromising your religious belief, sigils are seen as being non-religious symbols—regardless of your god, pantheon, or atheist belief sigils will work for you.

Since magic can be used in your everyday life, why not bring it into your workplace? Work is something almost every present-day witch deals with, and it's potentially a space that might be unaccepting of witchcraft. To demonstrate the concealing appearance of sigils, below are several examples of you may find are helpful or useful—all done using pencil on lined notebook paper. For examples, take a look at Phoenix Grey's work at @phrases-and-phrases.

With the help of one of the most diverse and simplest forms of magic, you can greatly improve your quality of life and incorporate magic into your daily routine. I urge you to give sigils a try and comment what you think!