If Mike Pence is a Lodestar, I Hope a Black Hole Swallows Us

Lodestar? | Grace Bulabula

The recent Op-Ed submitted to the New York Times has caused much speculation very similar to when a middle schooler receives an anonymous love letter and the entire class tries to figure out who sent it based on the handwriting used. However, in this case, we’re not pleased with who we think that special someone is.

Mike Pence, how about you go ahead and work on things that actually matter, instead of writing letters to the NYT?

There is a lot of speculation that Mike Pence penned the Op-Ed because of the word “Lodestar.” A lodestar is a guiding star, usually used in maritime navigation-- think the North star. It also just so happens to be a word that Pence uses frequently, and it is such an odd word that, of course, the entire internet noticed.

This is whole op-ed screams of “no good.” Because even though Trump is more repulsive as a leader than a flaming dumpster filled with animal carcasses, he is still the President of the United States, one-third of our system of government, and his position should be treated as such. We have checks and balances for a reason, and the administration should NOT be trying to undermine that. Mike Pence should not be penning letters to the NYT that are very coup-esque. THAT IS NOT HOW OUR DEMOCRACY WORKS.

A letter like this only serves to grate at the psyche of Americans, and I believe that is what the writer wants. Because, of course many Americans want Trump’s policies to fail. On the other hand, Pence has terrible ideas about how our nation should function, but if you think about it, isn’t the enemy of my enemy also my friend? But on the flip side, this is not what America is about, but then again what even is America about anymore, because it sure as hell ain’t MAGA hats?

See what I mean about the grating?

I love how the author writes about how they are not the liberal resistance, and that they want the administration to succeed. This is something that shakes me to my core, and call me a conspiracy theorist, but I truly believe the right-wing is okay with Trump being POTUS because they can do whatever they want by pulling Trump’s puppet strings-- and when they can’t pull the strings, they just cut them.

And Trump is too insane to notice he lost part of his mobility.

So, Mike Pence, how about you go ahead and work on things that actually matter, instead of writing letters to the NYT? Because, really, we’re not going to congratulate you for battling against the worst administration in the history of the United States, because others are doing that already AND they’re not undermining our system of government in the process.

Pence, sit down, shut up, and oh-- if you want to be a Lodestar? Work on stuff that matters. I made you a list for easy access:

Like how Puerto Rico didn’t get proper relief for Hurricane Maria.

Or the fact that Flint still doesn’t have clean water.

Perhaps look into how the United States is STILL acting a fool about immigrant children.

And here’s a personal favorite--more and more people are defaulting on ridiculous student loans.