Why Did Steve Harrington Become the "Mom of the Year?"

The first season of the Netflix series "Stranger Things" introduced us to a "typically douchey high school student" Steve Harrington, the ladies’ man. Then something happened and people fell in love with Steve during season two and eventually, he became the "Mom of the Year." Why?

It all began when Nancy left him for Jonathan, the "sensitive freak." The outcome was that Steve lost his status as something special and he was left out of every group. But almost by an accident, he ended up helping Dustin and the other kids when no adult or Nancy and Jonathan were there to help them. In a way, Steve became the reflection of every single-mother of this world. It was like watching the aftermath of a divorce: the one who is head over heels in love with the other person suddenly gets the info that the whole relationship is bs as well as the person who has not doubted the relationship for a moment. Down in the drain with the relationship goes social connections. People take sides, for different reasons. The only thing left to do and to do properly is to keep the little ones safe. And Steve sure did that, walking around with his baseball bat, ready to put himself in danger on the behalf of the kids and kick some Demo-doggie’s ass. That’s exactly what a mother should do: be the shield between her son and the harsh dangerous world.


Steve was what the real moms in the show weren’t. Dustin’s silly mother was more preoccupied with her cat than with her son. Lucas’ mother seemed more like the boss – logical and strict – than someone to give emotional support and a shoulder to cry on. Mike’s mom demanded openness when she herself was reserved and kept her true emotions hidden, keeping up appearances. Will’s mother was caring but emotionally all over the place, neurotic. What Steve gave the boys was stability wrapped with straightforward criticism (Hey dickheads! How come the only one helping me out is this random girl?) and an honest and open heart.

Through Steve, the series portrayed how border-puberty boys are more nervous and interested in their appearance than mothers usually have any idea of. When Steve gave Dustin advice how to make his hair look great, it was one of the most honest and sweetest moments of season two. "Farrah Fawcett spray" was something you would have expected Mike’s mom to say, but no, it was Steve. Maybe every mother should sometimes give "btw" beauty tips to their sons. Even if they weren’t asking for them.

In a way, Steve Harrington did a favor to every woman. Sure, he’s a guy, but maybe it needed a young dude to show everyone – men and women – what it’s like to be a lonely woman solely taking care of small kids. All the worrying, all the strength and courage that is needed to keep the monsters away and how tough you have to be, that even if you get your ass kicked, you still get up and finish what you started. It takes guts and Steve sure had that. And still managed to look good.