How to Communicate with Each Zodiac Sign

How to Communicate with Each Zodiac Sign | Grace Bulabula

Do you ever get frustrated with certain people because they just don’t get you? Does it seem like everything you say is being misunderstood? Well, it may be that certain zodiac signs just don’t know how to communicate with you. Here’s an easy guide on how to approach the people you care about, but just don’t seem to understand what you’re saying or how you’re saying it.

Capricorn: Capricorns have the best attitude; they’re always ready to talk and if you want to be silent and just relax, they’ll do that too. They don’t care for petty drama or gossip, they’re real and expect intellectual stimulating conversation.

Aquarius: They’re the ones that find humor in the oddest places. Don’t mistake the switch from serious to hilarious for lack of empathy, rather, they want to show you that things don’t always have to be deep. They are open-minded and will never judge you for saying or feeling anything.

Pisces: They’re all around sweethearts so there shouldn’t be a lot of misunderstandings. If they don’t seem to support or agree with you, it’s probably because they won’t take a side, but that’s not because they’re undecided, it’s because they see the big picture.

Aries: Aries are very direct, stubborn and self-confident so when approaching them with new ideas or controversial arguments, do not try to change their mind, it will not work. Listen and remember that no one has to be right, converse and share ideas without trying to influence them.

Taurus: Tread lightly when speaking to a Taurus. They’re usually calm and determined but if you say the wrong thing or unintentionally offend them, they’ll get very angry. Once you learn not to touch on certain topics and realize when something might be heading the wrong direction, make sure you stop before their temper gets the best of them.

Gemini: Gemini are the best people to ask for an objective stance on anything. Their rational nature will make conversation easy and reasonable, but when talking about feelings they can tend to miss the point. With matters of the heart, help them instead of asking them to help you.

Cancer: They are great listeners, so spill your heart out to them and they’ll give great advice! On the emotional side they can get a little chaotic; they feel so much sometimes that they don’t fully understand themselves, or how to express themselves to others. Give them time to put feelings into words and they’ll show all their affection.

Leo: Their love for control can sometimes cause intense arguments. They are bold and have a hard time admitting they are wrong. If you stand by their side they’ll back you up in all ways; if you’re against them, better pick another fight or don’t get involved in the first place.

Virgo: Don’t misinterpret their quiet, reserved demeanor for ambivalence. They might not voice their opinions right away but if they feel comfortable around you they’ll eloquently explain their thoughts. Expect concise but smart advice when confiding in them.

Libra: Peace and harmony are essential in Libras lives so they won’t say anything they know will cause tension among their friends. They’re great contributors to conversations but will switch topic the moment things seem to go awry.

Scorpio: As intense and passionate as they feel about any topic of conversation, you want them to be on your side. They can talk for hours with millions of new angles and ideas, and all are equally strong. Although they seem tough, trust in them to keep all your secrets, they’ll never betray their friends.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius’s are happy-go-lucky. They’ll see the positives in all the negatives. If you want someone to listen to your incessant worries, pick them. They will be blunt and make you snap out of your time-consuming doubts by giving you the simplest solutions.