What Your Horoscope Has to Say About Your Health

Zodiac Health | Carolina Alatriste

Most people don’t consult the stars for insight into their health; people usually want to know about their love lives, their financial outlook, and personalities. But did you know that astrologists also apply the zodiac to health and wellness?  

According to Heathline, the basis of this comes from certain areas of the body being associated with the constellations. The bodily associations often line-up with other characterizations assigned to the sign. For example, according to sunsigns.org, Scorpios are often sexually driven and sensual. The areas of the body associated with the Scorpio sign are the genitals and reproductive organs and, according to Healthline, those under this sign can be predisposed to sexual issues, including sexually transmitted diseases.

Pisces, according to Horoscope, can be fearful and worrisome, and one of their bodily associations is the nervous system. They are often plagued with a weak immune system, which, according to Healthline, could be a direct result of the stress they cause themselves, due to their anxious nature.

The bodily associations often line-up with other characterizations assigned to the sign.

Should astrology have any say in your health?

Modern medicine doesn’t rely on star charts or lunar phases, but, according to a report from St. Joseph Health, there is a connection between a birth month and a susceptibility to certain issues. For instance, the environment varies from season to season, and, as the St. Joseph Health Calling team has said, if someone is exposed to certain allergens early in life, they may be more likely to develop asthma or allergies.

An Oxford Journal study also found that, because changes in sunlight can impact a circadian rhythm, mental health can be affected by birth month as well. The study concluded that, out of 86 million births from 27 global areas, those born during winter months were more prone to schizophrenia. Less sunlight, according to St. Joseph Health, can influence many processes in the body, like cell growth and social behavior functions, so people born in months with less light can be affected the changes in these activities.

Physical and mental health are influenced by a multitude of factors, like genetics, environment, childhood trauma and lifestyle habits, so being born in the dead of winter does not mean you’re destined for schizophrenia or other mental health issues. But whether you put more stock in astrology or the medical community, there does seem to be a correlation between when someone is born and certain health issues.

So, the next time you’re reading your horoscope, check out the “health” tab, because there does seem to be a tangible connection between what you’re reading and what’s going on in your body. But, remember, while horoscopes can be fun and indicative of things to come, they should not replace health professionals. If you’re experiencing a mental or physical health issue, please seek medical attention.