Zodiac Rap

This sh*t is bananas | Carolina Malagamba

You know those people you meet who climb up as high as they can onto their high horse the second you mention anything about astrology? Yeah, me too. Here’s a little rap/slam poem for a laugh and relatability.

I could tell from the second you opened your mouth

Nothing you had to say could prove me wrong from the inevitable truth you tried to lock inside.

When I asked “what’s your sign?”

It was more for my own confirmation for what information you’d already so willing given.

“That shit’s not real” you said if that would change the way your fate was sealed.

When I pressed again you told me to guess

With carrying this weight I began to stress

What if I guessed wrong?

You’d be resigned to thinking the stars sang the wrong song.

I thought again, intellect and order

Practical, this wouldn’t be a tall order.

I’m guessing you’re a Virgo because of your rational mind

But if I’m wrong I’ll get it with time.

“Hahaha” you laughed

“You must know that chart by heart, guessing from there was an easy start”

You can say it again but it isn’t pretend

You know the moon pulls the ocean

But deny the truth that water in the ocean is the same that’s in your person.

If the moon pulls the tides then it would be wise

Tune in to the stars

And when you’re out at bars

When someone asks you for your sign

Tell them next time.

You don’t sound smarter

Mature or whatever

Pretending you don’t care about the funk that brought you there

If you think you’re more resilient to moon than the tides

Check your ego and let us have a good time

It’s flat out fun to read about your sun and moon

Just play along and the topic will change soon.

I know when you go home you’ll find yours too

But you were too proud, so that’s all on you.

Whether it’s truth or not

Take what you’ve got

Let it be a guide and live like the tides

Grow and shrink

Rise and fall

We’re all connected from Aries to Pisces

We’ve each got it all.