Zodiac Neighbors: Unusual Affinity Between Libra and Virgo

Virgos and Libras possess opposite traits but actually need one another. Libras energetic personalities open up Virgos and conversely Virgos ground Libras. Opposite in signs and elements does not mean a lack of affinity.

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As Above, So Below - A Solar and Lunar Eclipse

If a work situation, partner, or life path is unfulfilling but yet you can’t seem to let go, an emotional turn of events will help you let go under this cancer sun. This Water sign nourishes that which it loves most and wants a bond to last forever, but its intuitive nature knows only a true partner, passion, or career will parallel this devotion. Releasing these burdens serves as a reminder that rebirth and reinvention is possible at all times, places, and age. Emulate Cancer and ask yourself, what’s good for the soul?

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