Love you Better than your Lover

Love you | Natashna Anderson

It’s a striking moment when two people flow effortlessly towards love. Memories are made, new goals are created, and you have someone around to eat the rest of your fries. Certain neighborhoods plaster goofy grins on your face from intimate moments created on street corners. However, with relationships, there is also a sense of pouring into someone.  Sharing dreams, aspirations, fears. and aiding his/her with reaching his/her own goals are a part of the package.

To love someone can be an uplifting adventure. With twists, fussing, traveling, evolving, good lovin’ and passion, being in love can make life a little sweeter. It’s courageous to love someone with all the love you could muster up within you. The risk of losing your partner altogether may even cause you to shiver. Material possessions that were once the reason for a smile could potentially be a mental thorn of heartache. Bouncing back from what you believed would last forever can be harder when self-love isn’t present.

Everyone wants to be loved and cared for. Loving yourself better than your lover will solidify the love you deserve. Loving and accepting yourself will set the tone for how others will treat you and will increase your overall happiness in life.  Loving yourself can also lead to choosing healthier habits and lifestyle changes.  It’s one thing to choose a better lifestyle with a loved one in your corner, but it’s beautiful to blossom regardless of who is present. Unfortunately, people come and go in our lives, but we learn the hard lesson along the way.

Practicing self-love can avoid involving oneself in unhealthy relationships or becoming co-dependent in a toxic manner. A relationship should be a partnership rather than a codependent situation. Supporting, uplifting and encouraging one another in a relationship, should happen by default. But, when you’re lacking in self-love you can unintentionally demand an excessive amount of the aforementioned attributes from the other person. No one can make another happy- only add on to the happiness that’s present.

Although self-love is a lifelong journey, it doesn’t take much to start today. Besides, the more you pour into yourself, the more you can pour into your lover!

Easy Self-Love Tips:

•    Mention three attributes you like about yourself while looking in the mirror.

•    When you arrive home, sit down for a few moments and reflect on the overall day. Put your feet up for 15 minutes.

•    Meditate for 5 minutes every morning or before going to sleep. Headspace is a good App to start with.

•    Take time out to be creative: Have a personal 10-minute dance party or create something!