The Power of Savage x Fenty

Inclusive | Natashna Andersona

Caribbean pop star and Grammy Award winner Rihanna took fashion week by storm when she launched her lingerie brand, Savage x Fenty. As she unveils her new lingerie line to New York, she effectively implements a “see now, buy now” appeal where the new pieces shown on the catwalk will be immediately available on after the show, along with a few pop-up stores scattered around the states.

The buzz of Rihanna’s new lingerie line is her body inclusive marketing. Ranging from intimates, robes and whips, she is changing the fashion world. Not only does she have multiples sizes for both bras and underwear, but she also has the same prints and styles for all sizes. Whether it’s plus size or not, the material and fabric are designed to make yourself take ownership of your body and love every bit of it. Usually in the fashion industry, designers focus on the stereotypical model body type; thin, tall and white. However, Rihanna’s mission for inclusivity for all breaks that societal construct and builds a whole new foundation for fashion.

Not only does she have multiples sizes for both bras and underwear, but she also has the same prints and styles for all sizes.

This isn’t the first time the pop star demostates inclusivity. With her makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, she launched 40 foundation shades to include all different skin tones, especially women of color who do not have this inclusivity within the beauty industry. Overall, her entrepreneurship regarding all inclusivity in industries that focus solely on societal standards signifies the importance of taking ownership of yourself and showing the damn world who’s in charge.

Rihanna named her lingerie brand Savage because she believes women should take charge of what they wear and feel, along with the choices they make. It is not women who are traditionally deemed as needy, but rather savage and know what they want and how they want it. By having women take leadership with their bodies rather than conforming to society’s fictitious image of beauty manifests Rihanna’s savage vision of what it is to be feminine. Taking a masculine approach on femminity displays fashion and beauty in a whole new light. It’s simple; no one’s opinion matters besides your own. For Rihanna to inspire all women to be their authentic selves symbolizes what it is to be a savage femme. Ranging from Savage x Fenty to Fenty Beauty, she focuses on including everyone, which is unfortunately rare in both industries.