How to Land Your Dream Job

Upgrade | Utsah Pandey

Graduating from college and entering the workforce can be very exciting and most graduates are eager to get a job - any job. However, that enthusiasm may dissipate after a while. Some people gain employment but soon realize that they are not where they want to be. Even worse, they may find themselves “stuck” there, feeling as though they can’t leave because of adult obligations. However, finding the right job in the first place will help to ensure that this doesn’t happen to you. Here are a few tips on how to land your dream job.

First, refine your resume. When starting out, new graduates often pack all of their work experience into their resume. This includes their time at McDonalds, and the babysitting they did for their little cousins when they were 12. However, employers are only interested in the experience you have related to that particular field. Although you may have only held a few part- time positions within that field, it is best to solely include those. If you are worried about not having enough experience, create more bullet points regarding the actual work that you did. Be as specific as possible and try to elaborate where you can. Also, try to list unrelated positions at the bottom of your resume, under a title like “Additional Work Experience”.

Next, only apply to jobs which truly interest you. Looking for a job can become extremely frustrating, especially when those student loan payments become due. But only applying to jobs that you are really interested in will broaden your chances of getting hired for your ideal position. Look for job sites that hire specifically for your desired industry. For instance, if you want to be an administrative assistant, visit a site like, where employers are looking for precisely what you have to offer. If you wish to work for the United States government, try a site like, which lists government employment opportunities around the country.

Also, when looking on general hiring sites, try typing in keywords that pertain to the position you are seeking. Finally, do some research, and find companies in your desired field. Some companies don’t use hiring sites, so going directly to their website and searching their career section may be just what you need to land an interview. Again, don’t forget to use keywords, which will help you zero in on the position you are seeking.

When sending your resume, include a customized cover letter. Although it is much easier to type up one generic letter and send it to a dozen employers, it is not the best way to grab the employer’s attention. Employers can spot a generic cover letter from a mile away. Instead, highlight aspects of yourself and your work experience that pertain specifically to the position you are applying for. Additionally, try to use language that is found in the employer’s description of the position. For example, if they are looking for someone who works well with a team, it would be wise to include something like, “I am a dynamic team player.” Using explicit phrases like this shows the employer that you read through the entire job posting and that you took the time to compose a cover letter just for them.

Finally, research the company before your interview. More than likely, your interviewer will try to gage what you know about the position, and also the company as a whole. Many people are so eager to land a job, that they forget this aspect of the interview. Set yourself apart by knowing the history, mission statement, and statistics of the company. If you can find information about the founder and CEO, that’s even better. Employers are not only looking for the person who can do the best job, but also the person that seems dedicated to the company and the position.

Following these tips will help you land the job you’ve always wanted. Employment may be difficult to obtain, but once you equip yourself with the right strategies, you will find yourself doing what you love in no time.