Journey Series: Jahzamire

Jahzamire Coggins.jpg

The Femme Oasis: How do you identify yourself (gender and gender performance)?

Jahzamire: I am a female.

TFO: What is your current occupation?

 J: I am a brand ambassador and also a blogger for Pink Bubble an online magazine for teen girls.

TFO: What do you do as a hobby?

 J: I love reading.

TFO: What is your dream job?

J: To be a monetized YouTuber.

TFO: What are the three major stressors in your life?

 J: Bills, family and my relationship.

TFO: How do you cope with your stresses (if at all)?

J: Communication and accountability.

TFO: Do you have goals you set for your life overall?

 J: I have goals for my goals.

TFO: What is your process in achieving these goals?

 J: Believing you deserve what you want and determined to stay committed to the process.

TFO: What is your daily mantra (if you have one)?

J: "Be you, you're beautiful."

TFO: Are you happy where you are in life?

J: I am grateful for the lessons I'm learning.

TFO: Are you on a path you feel is right for you?

 J: I know I am.

TFO: Do you feel confused or pressure to figure out if you are on the right path?

J: Sometimes, but I take a deep breath and remind myself to take things a day at a time.

TFO: Do you feel you can alleviate these hindrances or do you feel they are bigger than you?

 J: You gotta be willing to take responsibility of your actions and own your life.

TFO: What are some pressures of society you wish didn’t exist?

J: The pressures of trying to fit in when we were all created for a special purpose - it takes the originality away.

TFO: What would be one thing you don’t have but you want at this very moment (it can be tangible or intangible)?

J: To be beside my love.

TFO: What do you do for self-care (if anything)?

J: Exercise, give my body good food, and affirm myself .

TFO: What is something you do well that you can offer society?

J: Find solutions to problems; if I can't help, I'm going to find someone who can.

TFO: Do you have goods or services you want to sell or promote to your fellow femmes and women?

J: I'm developing my merch now so not yet...stay tuned.

TFO: Where can we find you (social media, email, organization etc.)?

 J: Ig & twitter: @lil_browwn_girl   YouTube : ONE LOVIN