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Employee Retention: 2 Reasons Employees Quit Their Jobs and How Companies Can Combat Them

One of the biggest challenges for any company is the hiring process. Companies will go through and vet numerous resumes, host multiple rounds of interviews, and carefully select the right candidate to fill the position. The hiring process can easily take weeks or even months. For this reason, it is incredibly important for companies to retain their employees. In order to do this, they must assess the various reasons employees quit their jobs. Here are two major reasons employees quit their jobs and how to combat them.

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4 Business Books Written by Women for Women

It’s no secret that women still face numerous obstacles in the workplace – juggling motherhood and career goals, working in male-dominated industries and spaces, and making ourselves heard. While there is an endless supply of business books written about how to succeed in a career, most of them are written by men and don’t address the challenges we might face. So here are 4 business books written by women for women that explore our unique obstacles and how to navigate them.

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